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Date: 21st October 2016
21 Germanium Beauty Facial Roller
Basic InfoModel NO.:?FR-1Theory:?RF (Radio Frequency)Portable:?PortableIon:?1200Packaging:?Silk Bag or BoxTrademark:?SHEENZIOrigin:?Guangzhou ChinaType:?Derma Rolling SystemApplication:?Salon, HomeMaterial:?AluminiumColor:?Silver, Gold and RedStone Type:?Energy Stone(Germanium, Light Wave StoneSpecification:?SGS ? ?Product Description? ??What is it? ? ? ? ? ? ?This new and innovative semi-conductor facial beauty roller uses semi-conductorTechnology and germanium to take away wrinkles and eliminate darks spots andMake you look younger!What is it formulated to do?The Valence Facial Beauty Roller is a special combination of germanium andSemi-conductor technology. The result of using this roller is the tightening andBeautifying of the skin and the definance of the aging process.HOW TO USE IT?---You only need to use it 3 times a day for 3 minutes! ! ! !(1) THE FACE AND NECK: Roll all over the face and neck in an upwards andDownwards motion(2) EYES: Start from under the eye and follow the bone structure. Beside theEye, focus on crows feet moving in an up and down motion(3) FOREHEAD: Roll in an upwards and downwards motion. Move across the foreheadUsing the same movements(4) SMILE LINE: Roll in an upwards motion. Start from the bottom and roll upTowards the temple and under the eye(5) NECK: Start from the base of the neck and move upwards towards the jaw line.Repeat the same motion all over the neck(6) ELIMINATE PUFFINESS: Roll in an upwards and downwards motion all over theFace(7) HEALTH: Use for a recommended three times a day for three minutes to see notOnly anti-aging benefits but also health benefitsFunctions:1. Massage head with germanium bead, it can produce anion and eliminate wrinkle on face2. It will activate face cell if massage face everyday3. It will eliminate spot on face, strengthens and firms the structure of the skin, relaxes and calms irritated skin4. It can promote face blood circulation, eliminate pouch.5. Leave skin luster, firm and elasticUse it for 3 minutes everyday, everybody will have small face