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Date: 21st October 2016
Dual Detox Machine With MP3
Quick DetailsProperties:Other, E-CigarettePlace of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland), Guangdong, China (Mainland)Brand Name:sheenzi, sheenziPackaging & DeliveryDelivery Detail:5 daysDual detox foot bathWhole set includes:1. Ion cleanse x 1 2.Array x2 3. Cable x 1 4. Wrist belt 2 5. Udisk x 1 6. Earphone x 2 7. Manual x 1Asone of the most advanced hydropathic product in the world , which addsthe function of music, the soft , beautiful music could relieveyourself and enjoy a beautiful mood . Lets say goodbye to the citysbustle , sit down , wear the comfortable headphone to listen to themusic with your lover or member of your family to enjoy the comfortablehydropathy. The product would bring you a fresh feeling and you can geta high-quanlity health care . This product have two workingsystems.(need two arrays, can serve for two person at the sametime),and you can get double benefit from it. This product haverecord function (can record working the number of times) and downloadmusic function.(you can enjoy music whatever you like and relaxyourself.A.Products principle Water is resolved into a largeamount of energy ion through ion cleanse device (positive andnegative), make internal cell vigor strengthen, promote various enzymeslive. Improve the human body organ circulating function., acceleratemetabolism, make the human body get well gradually. Through the colorthat demonstrates, you can understand ones own health .B.Products function 1.Improve ability of cleansing body; 2.Relieve the burden of the body organ ; 3.Promote metabolism and blood circulation; 4.Increase the vigor of cells; 5.Improve the sleep effectivelyC.PackagesnameMain machinearrayPower CableWrist bandData lineEarphoneManualquantity1pcs2pcs1pcs2pcs1pcs2pcs1pcsAttention: Please contact us if lack any spare parts.D.Functions of management (as drawn , the button on the panel is numbered and marked below the button ) 1.Original password: Press1, 2 , 3, 4 sequentially. 2.Work record (record number of times) Then press 3 and 4 at the same time(press all the time) ,then open the switch(on back machine. red color), input four passwords (1,2,3,4 )reveal working number of times A and B . Press the arbitrary key and enter to normal work.. 3 Revise the password: Firstly,turn off the power, press 3 , 4 , 5 simultaneous (press all the time),then open the switch(on back machine. The red color), input four oldpasswords 1, 2, 3, 4 ,then input four new passwords, confirm the fournew password again. Then new password is effect. 4 Delete the number of times Firstlyturn off the power , press1 , 3 simultaneous(press all the time), andthen open the switch(on back machine. red color) , input fourpasswords. The number of times is deleted Attention: If have mistakes in the course of setting up, The machine will send out the alarm automatically. 5. Operating instruction 1.Beforestarts, The power cable, array , the wrist band separately inserts themain machine ,then puts the array in the washbasin ,puts on the wristband, then turns on the power . 2 .Press A or B working switch (3,4) to work. 3.The ion density in the water has differences because of regional waterquality, The standard ion density is 1.0A..If is insufficient, you canadd a small amount of salt in the waterto make the ion density rise to1.0A 4 .The ion density cant exceed 2.0A ,or the alarm will work ,it need to change the water or add water. 5. If you need listen to the music for relaxing,insert earphone( the jack lies in front of machine), press play to ok. 6. Music downloading : contact main machine with computer ( USB jack )by data line .E.Button function of control panel(as drawn , Every figure represents a kind of function) 1 .Working switch A( control A system) 2 .Control mode A(converse mode. Including 1,2,3mode) 3. Show density of ion and working time( systemA) 4.Show density of ion and working time( system B) 5.Control mode B(converse mode. Including 1,2,3mode) 6. Play or stop(music switch) 7 .Working switch B ( control B system) 8. cycle play to MP3